Cooking Classes

I teach private healthy cooking classes in Dallas, TX.

Please contact me to talk about creating the perfect class for 5-15 {book clubs, work groups, mom groups, etc}.

Ready to transform the ways that you nourish your body? My cooking + nutrition classes demonstrate exactly what you need to do to be inspired in the kitchen, including:

  • Easy Techniques
  • Time-saving tips and tricks
  • How to create simple + fresh + delicious meals

My goal is to provide you with the education and support you need to prepare and cook whole foods that will nourish your body. I break down the overwhelming process and show you everything you need to do to create greatness {and goodness} in your own kitchen.

Create your own class, or pick from the following:

  •     Perfect Green Smoothies
  •     Juicing 101
  •     Summer Salads
  •     Soups
  •     Soup & Salad
  •     RAW Decadent Desserts
  •     Healthy Holiday Side dishes


Never think of ‘Salad’ the same again!  It’s the perfect time to create beautiful meals with organic, garden-fresh ingredients!

Salad can be a solution to any meal. Learn how to kick up salad creations including - easy techniques & gadget demonstration. I walk you through all the why's and hows of fresh salads ingredients, sharing how fresh whole food will improve your health today!

Learn new skills, and leave with recipes to get started immediately. Count on eating our inspired creations, including easy & simple homemade salad dressings.

Mouth watering yet? Are you ready to maximize your Salad potential? I give my personal promise that this simple, fun and inspired class will take your garden-fresh creations to the next level!

*Vegan friendly + always gluten-free!
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