Dairy? You Decide...

The topic of 'dairy' often comes up in my Green Smoothie Classes. There is no dairy in any of the Green Smoothie's I personally make, and/or recommend. Why? I don't believe dairy belongs in MY diet, and certainly not in a smoothie aspiring to be delicious and alkaline forming. My intent of writing about this topic is certainly not to put anyone on the defense. Rather, I encourage you to educate  yourself on the facts regarding dairy. Our culture (and industry) has led us to believe that dairy is a health promoting food, and we should all be eating/drinking it.... in abundance! Also, ask yourself, "Is what I am eating/drinking really working for me'? and "Am I absolutely happy with how my body feels"?
Human's are the ONLY mammals that drink another mammals milk. It's pretty ridiculous that dairy is relied on as a health promoting and growth food. There is 300 percent casein(protein) in cow's milk vs. human milk. Casein help cows develop huge bones in a very short period of time. The natural purpose of cow's milk is to feed baby cows. Our human bodies simply do not the the necessary enzymes, such as lactose, to break down cow's milk. The casein co-agulateds in the stomach and is very difficult to break down. We have all heard the news about how it is necessary to consume calcium in order to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. But statistics show that bone issue like osteoporosis and hip fractures are more frequent in populations where dairy is highly consumed. 1
Now you might want to sit down for this -- Dairy products are the leading cause of allergies in children. Diary foods sensitize the mucus membranes in a child and increase their sensitivity to other foreign substance, like pollen and dust. You might notice that kiddos who consume a lot of dairy are more prone to ear infections, colds, and other respiratory infections. Dairy is also one of the most mucus -forming foods there is. If you are suffering with a cold and/or cough, certainly give up dairy today! You will notice a huge difference immediately. Also, since dairy is very acidic forming, clogging and hard to digest, consuming it regular will not help you lose extra weight.
If you are looking to dairy for calcium, I encourage you to make a shift towards dark. leafy green vegetables and nuts and seeds. These foods are naturally high in calcium, and very easily processed and absorbed by the body. They are also very alkaline forming.
Don't think you can give up dairy? Then don't. But, if you are up for an experiment, and are curious if cutting out dairy will change your body, your complexion, and your energy level, then go for it! Try eliminating dairy for 5-7 days. Check in with your bod and see how you feel.... I am confidant it will thank you! Also, if you do try the experiment, I would love to hear from you!
1. Dr. Joe Fuhrman, Eat to Live (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2003), 84

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