Blend it or Juice it? Where is the L O V E?

Lately, the most popular question I hear is "What is the difference between blending (smoothies) and juicing (fresh pressed juices)"?  If you are curious about the same thing, then today is the day to find out.
They are both my very favorite! Honestly, I would never pit one against the other. Both are very cleansing and healing. If you do it up right, these beautiful beverages are chock-full of life-promoting whole foods that your body needs to rejuvenate, restore health and bring into homeostasis. Fresh vegetables and fruit nourish every cell in the body, help prevent disease, flush the system of waste. They also contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes that literally give you 'super immunity'.  Some days my body craves a smoothie, and other days juicing hits the spot. Most days I do both! The alkalizing health benefits are endless - allergy reducer, clear acne, weight-loss, radiant skin and better digestion to name a few.
Benefits of Juicing
Juicing is 'fast food"! According to Jason Vale, "Juicing is the best way to get raw liquid nutrients into your body". Juicing squeezes or spins the fruit/vegetable and strips the fiber out. Now don't freak out, I know what you are thinking about removing fiber when the goal is 40 grams of fiber per day. Juicing liberates trapped enzymes, vitamins and a host of minerals, and sets them free to be absorbed in the cells of the body within 15 minutes of drinking it. Drinking fresh juices requires almost zero digestion, thus saves energy and allows the body to rest, detoxify and cleanse. Another huge plus is the large amount of vegetables you are able to put into your body. 
There are several different types of juicers on the market. My suggestion is to look for a juicer that matches your lifestyle and budget.  

Benefits of Blending
Jamming a blender full of delightful whole-food goodness is the perfect way to start a day, recover from a workout and boost immunity.  Smoothies (green smoothies) are literal 'super-food", giving us the the ability to consume an abundance of leafy greens in a very easy, body- nourishing, easily digestible way. Green smoothies are an excellent weight-loss gateway because of the high-water, and high-fiber to fill you up and hydrate your body. Another thing I love about smoothies are all the 'add-in's" you can toss in and blend like maca, spirulina, goji berries, flax, chia seeds and hemp hearts. Smoothies are so easy to blend and go! Smoothies are best tasting when cold, and will last for several days in the fridge if necessary. 
My Vitamix is my very best friend and I guard it with my life, but any blender will do just fine. 
Remember, your body is a beautiful gift, and you only get one in this life, so nourish and love it up! Stock your refrigerator and pantry for success, being prepared is key. Try swapping your regular junky (processed) foods and drinks for a freshly extracted juice and/or smoothie, add some daily exercise, and watch both your mental and physical health improve! 

If you are curious, and want to begin zooming up smoothies, which I strongly believe is the 'gateway' to healthier habits,please join me for a Green Smoothie Class. I will teach you how this simple, fast, body-nourishing concoction can brighten skin, improve digestion,jazz up energy and begin changing your palette for better health.
To sharing green LOVE,


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